We eliminate the possibility of unnecessary failure, in saving companies and their unicorns from stupid death, and often we also disillusion them and are a bit of a chamber. Then at work we always follow the motto #don't die stupid and we are a bit of a load on the unicorns. But what does it all mean and why is that? Welcome to our first blog post!

Unicorn Attacks. Unicorn WHO? Why did we choose this name?

Our name was meant to spark curiosity, but also to tell people what we do. It took almost 4 months in the beginning to find a name we were happy with. We looked at each other strangely and argued at different times when one of our ideas got stuck. 

The final consensus came down to the word "Unicorn", which is a well-known and widely used term in business lingo for a very successful company. Originally the name was to be one word, but in the end we decided otherwise due to the double meaning of the word "Attacks". 

We work with companies ranging from the size of a start-up to Česká spořitelna or T-mobile. The word "Attacks" here represents the struggle of both sides. Small companies attacking big ones to fight for their place in the sun. We help them build their entire company, processes, sales, communication or even IT infrastructure. And also to scale and manage their growth.

The big companies are more afraid of the small and predatory ones than before. Customers nowadays are no longer reluctant to take the same service from a startup that they used to buy from an established big company only yesterday. The mental block is no longer there. Moreover, large companies have enormous potential and know-how, but often a slow pace for the necessary responses to a rapidly changing market and customer needs. And therein lies their weakness relative to successful startups. 

And what do all those dead unicorns mean?

Why are we working with our drawings of dead unicorns when the word unicorn itself is more synonymous with success? We know a lot of stupid ways to die in business. Our dead unicorns represent those ways. Each has its own specific death certificate in business terms. And it's on them that we demonstrate to companies how to successfully avoid these deaths. You can see them especially on our corporate merch Don't Die Stupid. But more on that next time.