Vítek Šubert and Martin Medek, Co-Owners of Unicorn Attacks

What is the value of your company today? Where will it be in 2 or 3 years? How will the sources of your revenue change?

Do you have the right resources to reach the summit? Who are the disruptors that can affect you? How do you prepare for any threats ahead? How will your customers change?

These questions will frame our first workshop. They will guide us on how to measure success within the next 3 years and define our true Everest.

“A number of mistakes are repeated over and over again. These can be easily avoided. But that's not enough for the journey to your Everest. You need to define what your master plan is, your plan B, and what you need to have ready before you start climbing up.”

We will walk upwards together. We will map the road, the actions that must happen along the way and the camps we need to get to. Describe what to expect in every single camp. Finally, we'll look into the “gear” needed and the obstacles to be removed before you set on the journey.