Are you brave enough? That's the question everyone who is serious about their company and invites us to help them build their Unicorn must ask themselves. We do things differently and we are proud of it. We don't scratch our managers behind the ears saying "you're doing great". We get straight to the point and address the parts of the business that aren't working. We don't do hundred-page presentations and even ours will probably never be the prettiest. So how's it going for us?

We always tell our clients that they don't pay us to tell them how great they are. In fact, we get paid to tell them sometimes things that don't listen well because we're solving what's wrong. It's like going to the doctor - we don't go there to be told what all is wrong either :)

It's always important to realize the essence and value of a brand and then figure out a way to move it forward business-wise. That's why we always define the so-called Everest with our clients at the beginning of every collaboration. The Golden Grail. Perhaps the dream metric of their business, which they may never reach, but which shows a clear direction.

But the road to the top is not always rosy. Miracles don't happen overnight, concrete changes sometimes hurt and go hand in hand with years of complex corporate transformations that involve almost every employee.

How to climb to the top

In a joint workshop with the client, we define the individual points that need to be passed on the way to the summit, the so-called base camps. These represent specific areas in the company that need to change or be refined. Each of these areas has designated employees who are responsible for and oversee it.

Our internal project manager also becomes part of the company for the duration of the project, coordinating everything, passing on his know-how, and working with the other employees with his sleeves rolled up. In addition, we lend specialists across all disciplines when needed. But we certainly don't do everything for our clients. "If a firm doesn't work out specific areas on its own beforehand, it will never fulfill the Everest it set at the beginning." says Vitek Shubert, co-founder of Unicorn Attacks.

What success means to us

"What is success for us? When the client doesn't need us anymore," Vitek adds clearly. The goal of all our efforts is to rebuild and reimagine the company so that it works without us. But we don't put down the pencil right away with the end of the project. If necessary, a part-time project manager remains with the company for a few months to make sure that the newly set processes really work as they should.