Jan Kříž & Martin Klčo, Co-founders of Unicorn Army

It’s a matter of strategic choice. Together, let’s define which projects will bring the greatest impact. Where to invest? How fast? What are the KPIs that empower overall success? Who will orchestrate it? How can we ensure we don’t get lost along the way?

In business, it is not true that the journey is the destination. The goals are clear and must be achieved. We'll define them together and execute high-impact projects that will help you reach them.

“Bringing the value proposition from the PUSH session into reality can be tricky! Getting off the road to EVEREST that we have planned can be a deadly risk. We've seen many companies' clear strategies and dreams getting killed by market execution. Our main task is to be excellent sherpas, guide the team and help do the heavy lifting to deliver on high-impact projects.”

Strategy is translated into tactics. High-impact projects are interconnected. A battleplan is formed. Then we attack, attack, attack! We curate a selection of ARMY mercenaries from different marketing, tech and business fields that best fit your goals, we brief them and tightly supervise the progress until we reach the top.