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Hunting in London, Prague, Amsterdam and San Francisco.


This is how we build teams. Two mindsets. Collision. Progress.

Vit Subert * Practitioner

Vit Subert Practitioner

A proven leader in both corporate and start-up worlds. In the past few years, he has been building a start-up ecosystem in Central Europe and focused on corporate innovation. Previously worked in the top management of companies like O2, Dell, LG or PepsiCo.

Milan Semelak *Disruptor

Milan Semelak Disruptor

Helping leaders across the world to connect the dots and take risks. Over the past two decades, Milan has challenged hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes to create value-driven brands, products and propositions. 

Magda Prochazkova *Practitioner

Magda Prochazkova Practitioner

Highly-skilled project manager with the ability to drive most complex projects from their inception to their completion. This end to end ability is what's often missing in both start-up and corporate environments. 

Martin Klco*Disruptor

Martin Klco Disruptor

Combination of brand-building expertise, marketing proposition design and creative leadership is really helpful for most of the businesses today. Martin has led Leo Burnett for almost a decade and his sharp wit is something we really like. 

Michaela Fiasova *Strategic Designer

Michaela Fiasova Strategic Designer

Combining multiple design disciplines with her strategic savvy, Michaela has worked for many exciting American start-ups or European family businesses, bringing her fresh eyes and the energy of a marathon runner to the game. 

Vojta Diatka * Product Builder

Vojta Diatka Product Builder

Everyone talks about digital products these days, but this guy actually really gets it. Vojta has led multiple projects and teams to deliver outstanding digital products in both USA and Central Europe. 

Raymond Byrne * Advisor / Saudi Arabia

Raymond Byrne Advisor / Saudi Arabia

Expert on the Middle East region. Worked for more than 20 years in various executive roles in Saudi Arabia. Now using this vast experience and great network to create new business opportunities for entrepreneurs who desire to unlock this complex market. 

Esther Leloux*Advisor / Netherlands

Esther Leloux Advisor / Netherlands

A creative professional who morphed into an entrepreneur. Worked for the most prominent brands in Holland, now running a venture called We are Eves to make the beauty industry more transparent and honest.

David Shanks* Advisor / UK

David Shanks Advisor / UK

Man of ideas. Global executive creative director at Oliver Agency. Worked on the most prominent global brands in Hong-Kong, London, USA or Lebanon. Best writer we have ever met.

Geri Tay*Advisor / Singapore

Geri Tay Advisor / Singapore

Rock solid delivery of what's necessary within the context of strategic and creative direction. Not many can combine both worlds. Currently leading projects for CreativeDrive in Asia. 

Nick George*Advisor / Global Sales

Nick George Advisor / Global Sales

True sales pirate with decades of experience in international sales, especially Asian and American market. Currently actively selling and building in-house agencies and studios for Inside Ideas Group for clients like Unilever, Adidas or Tiffany's.

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